Wednesday, June 26, 2013

When a Cleaning Company Makes Mistakes

The commercial cleaning business opportunity is widely open. The need of commercial cleaning service has increased recently. When using services from a cleaning company, we should make sure that they do not make fatal mistakes. Since many janitorial service companies try to find any ways to save money, they may cheat by not providing all contracted services. So, a cheating cleaning company will still charge the same rates by reducing the amount of services. If you feel something suspicious, you can try to ensure that you will be paying for services which the janitorial service company actually provides the services. Somehow, when using janitorial services, we should ask for contracted services. That way, we can demand a refund when we find out that the janitorial service company does not provide services we need. When a janitorial service company makes mistakes, here are things we should do.

Downplaying cleaning complaints is a mistake many janitorial service companies make. For instance, the manager of a cleaning company will blame on their new employee for cleaning complaints. Thus, the client or customer will not get anything and as the result they will lose more money. Actually, it is the responsibility of the janitorial service company to not only minimize cleaning complaints but also prevent any cleaning complaints from happening. Well, although that cleaning complaints may occur in every cleaning service. We should remind our cleaning company which that we are paying for the service. And, we deserve to get services which are promised. A fatal mistake that many janitorial service companies make is not giving their employees training in communication skill. Janitors with a good communication skill will be able to handle the cleaning procedure properly. In one case, if the janitors can properly answer our questions about day-to-day procedure of cleaning, we can make sure that our room can always look clean and neat.

When using services from a cleaning company, we should hire janitors with a number of experiences. To be sure that we are not hiring employees without experience, we need to check the job histories of every janitor in your building. How important is checking the job histories of janitors? It is really important because if the office cleaners are reliable and experienced, we can eliminate the major mistakes in our building. One important thing is we have to tell all janitorial staff to always leave your building or office secured.

Friday, June 7, 2013

The First Time on Wood Floor Shopping

Visiting a flooring specialty store or a store of floor sale santa barbara can be a pleasant experience. Otherwise, if you have just become a new homeowner, going on wood floor shopping for the first time can be such a great experience. Flooring can determine the overall look of your home after all. When visiting a flooring specialty, we can be amazed at the various options of wood finishes and species. To find the best flooring, you can consider examining and touching each wood species and finish. What is more, you can walk on them to discover the feel underfoot.

When in a flooring specialty store, you do not need to hesitate asking the salesperson about things you want to know about flooring. For instance, you can ask the salesperson about the stability of the wood species you like most. As a matter of fact, every wood species will contract and expand with humidity changes. There will be small gaps open between boards as well. If you are living in an area with wide humidity swings, you can consider buying a more stable species. That way, you can be sure that the gaps will be less prominent. Another alternative is controlling your indoor humidity. Location must be also in your consideration. In one case, we need to avoid installing wood with beveled edges in our bathrooms and kitchens. If installing wood with beveled edges in bathrooms and kitchens, water can collect and soak into joints.

Furthermore, wood flooring is not maintenance free after all. To avoid a large repair cost, we can consider cleaning our wood flooring regularly. We can clean wood flooring with a towel and a wood floor cleaner. Then, left underfoot, grit can grind off the finish properly. Do not forget to put pads under your furniture such as table legs and chair.